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When will my order ship?

It will take up to 24 hours for your order to be processed and shipped once your payment has been confirmed. This does NOT include weekends. Orders placed after 2PM...

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  • How can I cancel an order?

    If you wish to cancel an order, please contact us using the chat tab at the bottom of the page for a fast response! Order cancellations must be done as soon as possible before we can process and package your...

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  • What do customers think about DubCharge?

    We try our hardest to keep our clients satisfied. Although we are aware that we will never be perfect, trying our hardest to get there is what drives us forward. There is nothing more persuasive than the endorsement of your...

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  • What stores can I buy a DubCharge from?

    On our website, visit the Locations tab at the top of the page which will lead you to a map with all the stores across the country that have DubCharge in their inventory! The list of stores continues to climb! ...

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  • How does the rewards system work?

    At the bottom left of our website you will see a rewards option. You will be able to create an account with DubCharge and keep track of your rewards with every purchase you make! Signing up, placing an order, a...

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  • Why isn't the discount code working?

    This is mainly because of small errors made when typing in your code. Please make sure there aren’t any extra spaces before or after the code. As well as make sure no letters or numbers are missing! If you still...

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  • What does the blinking white light mean?

    When your DubCharge blinks white on the main button, this means the cartridge is too tight and will not work. To fix this, slightly unscrew the cartridge and then try again! When you over-tighten a cartridge on a battery this...

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  • What voltage settings are there?

    Four power/voltage settings are available on a DubCharge battery, and they can be changed using the main button.  To turn ON/OFF a DubCharge battery, click the main button 5 times and you will see the voltage setting light blink 3...

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  • Why does my DubCharge blink white?

    Don't be alarmed if your DubCharge is not working as it should and has white lights blinking. This suggests that your cartridge may be threaded too tightly, in which case you should back it off a tiny bit. Please get...

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