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OCB - Sophistique - 1 1/4 Size Papers With Tips - 24 Packs Per Box

OCB - Sophistique - 1 1/4 Size Papers With Tips - 24 Packs Per Box

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The OCB Sophistique 1-1/4 Rolling Papers burn slowly and deliver a flawless, consistent roll every time. These papers are sustainably sourced and produced with organic flax fibers, guaranteeing unmatched quality. Enjoy the fill, roll, and enjoy. Our composite cigarette rolling machines love them too. This remarkably sustainable paper is a stylish companion for eco-conscious explorers because European-grown fibers require less water and energy. What are we? The natural process of OCB was born outside of Ergue-Gaberic, France, on the banks of the River Odet. Its crisp, cool waters powered our mill and were one of our first ingredients. Since then, we have been following nature's flow. All-natural, non-GMO, and built for comfort. The 1-1/4-sized rolling papers from OCB Sophistique are stylish, super thin, and super easy to roll. Even better, they're made of 100% flax and free of dyes, chlorine, uneven burning, natural always-sticks, acacia gum, no-tearing, GMO-free, and vegan! Whatever you need, whatever you need. Pure and Simple! The OCB Sophistique rolling papers and tips come straight from the manufacturer and are guaranteed authentic. Our sustainable rolling papers and tips are made with no harmful chemicals or artificial materials. All-natural flax fibers and natural acacia gum are responsibly sourced and harvested. These are the only papers you will ever use to smoke. Non-GMO, chlorine-free, bleach-free, dye-free, natural always sticks, acacia gum, no-tear.


  • This bundle includes 24 1-1/4 size rolling paper booklets with tips, each with its tip.
  • The 100% natural flax fibers and unbleached paper are ultra-thin and easy to roll. The eco-friendly, dye- and chlorine-free, even-burning, always-sticky acacia gum gives you a flawless roll every time.
  • Vegan, non-GMO, chlorine-free, bleach-free, dye-free, natural always-sticks acacia gum, no-tear OCB smoking papers with tips are made with safe, high-quality, all-natural materials.
  • The ultra-thin and versatile 1-1/4 Size papers keep a consistent and smooth burn throughout the entire cigarette; the slow burn allows you to fully enjoy every second without worrying about a one-sided or uneven burn.
  • The birthplace of OCB's organic growth occurred just outside of Ergue-Gaberic, France, on the banks of the Odet River. We've been honing our craft ever since to give our customers the absolute best; our rolling papers are 100% authentic and come straight from the manufacturer.

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