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Lookah - Python Vaporizer Kit

Lookah - Python Vaporizer Kit

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  • Small size fits the palm of your hand
  • Compatible with LOOKAH 710 Wax Cart Series
  • 360 Degree Swivel Mouthpiece Can Close when not in use
  • Hidden dab tool included 
  • Magnetic lock flip-top for easy loading
  • Intuitive display screen shows mode and battery life
  • Fully metallic, durable body
  • 650mAh battery 

The Python wax vape pen is a mighty hand-held vaporizer made from premium materials designed to deliver lush cotton ball clouds. It proves that great things can come in small packages.

The vape's body is fully metallic, and its 125 grams feel reassuringly robust, so you know from the first touch it is durable and made to last. 

The body is covered with a serpentine-textured shell. The ergonomic design and size make it easy to hold and operate with just one hand, even for those with compromised dexterity and grip. A single button keeps the controls simple, while three preset voltages give a range of options.

This small palm-size vape has a simple flip-top design that gives access to the atomizer coil; it is like flipping open the lid of a zippo.

With the built-in dab tool, you have everything to hand when loading the quartz coils. Scoop out a small peppercorn-sized glob of your favorite extracts and load it onto the center of the atomizer plate. 

This vape uses the LOOKAH 710 quartz atomizer series. These coils use a quartz plate to provide even heat and cleaner, pure flavor profiles. All of the Lookah 710 wax coils are compatible with this device. It comes with one coil loaded into the device and one spare. 


How to Use the Python Wax Vape

Before turning on the vape, place a small glob of wax into the center of the atomizer coil. Do not overload the vape, as this can lead to a burnt taste and excess wax and can clog the vape

1. Click the power button five (5) times to turn the vape on/off.

When you turn the vape on, the display screen will flash three times, and then a countdown will start from 9 to 0. This indicates the atomizer is preheating.

Three Voltage Settings

2. Two (2) clicks of the power button will change the voltage setting. There are three voltage settings. Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3. These are shown by the numbers 1,2 or 3 on the display.

Voltage settings

Mode 1: 3.4V

Mode 2: 3.7V

Mode 3: 4.0V

3. Swivile the mouthpiece to the open positions. Facing towards the power button.

4. Press and hold the power button and, at the same time, inhale from the mouthpiece to vape for up to 10 seconds at a time. After 10 seconds, the display will flash 3 times, and the vape will return to standby.

5. Turn off the vape when not in use and return the mouthpiece to the closed position. 

If there is no operation for 60 minutes, the vape will automatically turn off. 


How to Clean the Python Vape

1. After using the vape, Wipe around the inside of the coil with a Q-tip. This will clean away any excess wax and help keep the device clean.

2. Remove the atomizer coil. Use a small brush or pipe cleaner and some isopropyl alcohol to clean around the threaded area of the vape and the airway passage in the vape. 

3. Clean the threaded end of the atomizer coil to remove any wax residue.

4. Clean the mouthpiece with a small brush or pipe cleaner.

5. Wipe around the inside of the lid with a Q-tip

6. You can use a damp cloth to wipe around the outside of the vape. 

Tip: Maintaining your vape and coil will help you get the best from this device. You will get a better, richer vapor.

How to Charge the Python Vape

1. Connect one end of a USB Type C cable to the vape and the other end to a USB charging port

2. The screen will flash while the device is charging.

3. When fully charged, all seven (7) battery segments will show around the display, and the number 8 will show. 


Python Vape Kit Comes With 

1 Lookah Python Vape 

2 710 Quartz Coils (1 Pre-Installed)

1 Dab Tool

1 User Manual


1) Battery: 650mAh

2) Auto Preheat

3) USB Type C

4) Replaceable 710 Coil

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