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LOOKAH Giraffe Dab Pen

LOOKAH Giraffe Dab Pen

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  • Glass Mouthpiece — Glass is the preferred medium for smoke as it is not porous and offers the purest flavor. It's also super easy to clean with a bit of isopropyl. 
  • Lookah 510 Coils —The Giraffe is compatible with the full range of Lookah Seahorse coils. The type V coil with the Giraffe is by far the most popular. The glass tube on this coil gives you visual feedback while vaping, and the quartz plate is excellent for flavor.
  • Variable Voltage — With three preset voltages, you can choose between thick clouds or full flavor. The ability to choose means you have multiple options. 
  • Large Display & Indicator Light —The Giraffe has a large digital display showing your battery charge. The battery life, shown from 0 to 100%, is available at a glance. A prominent LED on the back of the vape shows each voltage mode.
  • The Giraffe electronic nectar collector vape has a metal body, making it hard-wearing and long-lasting. 
  • Tye C USB charging port and pass-through charging so you can use the device while on charge.

The Giraffe is a desktop electronic nectar collector with a large 650mAh battery that offers plenty of power. Its ergonomic design fits the curve of your hand. The angled head with the tip is at 40 degrees to the body. This means you can easily see what you are dabbing without your hand getting in the way.  

With its cute design and four legs, the Giraffe stands up by itself, keeping your dab station clean and orderly. The sturdy legs keep the vape upright and ensure it is always poised and ready to vape. It will also ensure the hot tip is kept away from your desk.

The Giraffe battery-powered vape is one of the best electric nectar collectors on the market. It comes with the Lookah type V quartz coil and benefits from a glass mouthpiece for an unadulterated taste. 


How to Use the Giraffe Electronic Nectar Collector?

Always remove the plastic tip cover before vaping.

The Giraffe dab pen has two modes: Manual mode and Session mode. 

1) To switch on the device, press the power button five times in quick succession. 

The screen will show the remaining power, and the indicator light will flash three times. 

2) The Giraffe has three voltage settings. Press the power button two times to switch between them. A different LED light shows each mode.

Mode 1, 3.2V - Green, Mode 2, 3.6V - Blue Mode 3, 3.9V - Pink

To vape in manual mode

Press and hold the power button. The display screen and LED indicator light will remain on while the button is pressed. After a few seconds, the tip will heat up, and you can vape by applying a little wax to the 510 dab coil. You can press the button to vape for up to 20 seconds at one time. 

To vape in session mode

Press the button three times within 1.5 seconds. The light will flash while preheating. Once the preheating has finished, the display screen and LED indicator light will remain on. The tip will continue to be heated for 30 seconds. 

After 30 seconds, the tip will stop heating, and the device will return to standby. 

You can exit the session mode by pressing the power button three times. 



When the tip is hot, bring your concentrate into contact with it. Only place a small amount on the tip at one time and ensure it is fully vaporized before adding more wax. 

To avoid clogging, don't dab directly into your wax container; separate some wax into a different container or dab tool to dab from. 

If you allow concentrates to build up on the tip or inside the airways, it can harden and possibly ruin or wear out the tips prematurely. 

Burn all the concentrates off the tip after each use to ensure the tips last as long as possible. 

Don't clean the 510 dab tips with the cleaning brush, which can damage the tip.



How to Clean the Giraffe Electric dab straw

1) Make sure the device is turned off.

2) Remove the mouthpiece. The glass mouthpiece can be pulled off. 

3) Remove the magnetic cap cover.

4) Remove the 510 thread coil. 

5) Use the cleaning brush to clean the airway path between where the coil attaches and the mouthpiece. 

6) Use a Q-tip, cloth, and alcohol to clean the glass mouthpiece.


Kit comes with

1 Giraffe

1 Magnetic Tip/Coil Cover

1 User Manual

1 Cleaning Brush

1 Type 5 Dab Coil


1) Battery: 650mAh

2) Large display

3) Fast heating up & new coil compatibility

4) Easy to Clean

5) Self Standing

6) Easy connect type C USB port

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