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Raw Life Aluminium Grinder - Premium Herb Grinder for Effortless Grinding

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Raw Life Aluminium Grinder

Introducing the black RAW 4 piece grinder - a versatile and customizable grinder that will elevate your grinding experience to new heights. Every component of this grinder is easily cleanable and replaceable, including the pollen screen, ensuring that your grinder remains in pristine condition with minimal effort.

But what sets the RAW grinder apart is its customization options. With the ability to add or remove components, you can tailor your grinder to suit your individual preferences. For instance, you can remove the screen and use it as a whole leaf grinder, grinding directly into the super large catch basin. Despite being a 4 piece grinder that grinds, sifts, and collects, the RAW grinder actually breaks down into 12 distinct pieces, giving you ultimate control over your grinding process.

Color: Red
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