DubCharge is the Best Vape Battery on the Market

Our Mission

 At DubCharge, we innovate by manufacturing products that meet your needs. Emphasizing on design, quality and functionality, we keep your experience in mind and create the best products to pair with your lifestyle.

Our Promise 

DubCharge is based out of Houston, Texas and founded in Austin, Texas. We currently have a team of three which includes The Founder, The Salesman, and The Tech. Most companies in the industry follow a sales driven buisness but here at DubbCharge we focus on brining enjoyment to our industry by creating a focus around the customer and products we create. DubCharge is all about creating bold and convenient products that drive customers to keep coming back time and time again. In other words, we create each product with a lifestyle design, so you can expand your imagination with each hit! All, DubCharge products have been stoner reviewed and approved! As a result, DubCharge is the Best Vape Battery!

Our Journey

DubCharge’s focus is to remove unreliable batteries and Screw-on charging. Introducing our 350mAh DubCharge V1 Battery with Dual Port Functionality. Growing, we collected data from customers and distributors in Texas to create a new version of the battery. After, we introduced our new 900 mAh DubCharge V2 Battery! From the start of 2021, we were growing our outreach with wholesalers and distributors and influencers on social media platforms. As time moved, we started to grow drastically on social media with 2500+ members on our discord and 2500 followers on Tiktok! Turning into 2022, we released our best seller, 900mAh DubCharge Battery! Above all, following the release of our DubCharge V3’s we introduced two other mAh, 900mAh V3 Battery and 1100mAh Battery which brings us to our current buisness. As a result, DubCharge is the Best Vape Battery!

DubCharge V3 650 mAh Vape Battery  510 threading

Dual Port 

The DubCharge V3 Battery can be charged by a USB-C or a lightning port cable! We recommend to not to use more than one charger at a time! 

Sesh Mode 

With 15 second pulls and a 650 mAh battery, lasting up to 14 days, you and your friends can enjoy a relaxing time without worrying about a dead battery.

 Temperature Control

The DubCharge V3 Battery has 4 distinct temps you can choose from. (2.5V, 3.0V, 3.5V, and 4.0V). 

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