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Vape Pen Battery 510 | Platinum 900mAh High-Capacity Power

Vape Pen Battery 510 | Platinum 900mAh High-Capacity Power

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900 mAh DubCharge V3 Vape Pen Battery 510 - PLATINUM

The DubCharge V3 battery is a dual-port charging, 900mAh, vape pen battery 510. With pass-through charging and temp control, this battery will make your vaping experience easier and more convenient than ever!


Dual-port Charging: The DubCharge V3 Battery can be charged by a USB-C or a lightning port cable! We recommend to not to use more than one charger at a time! 

Sesh Mode: With 15 seconds pre-heat mode, you can ensure a smooth and consistent pull each time. To activate pre-heat mode all you need to do is double click the battery! The DubCharge V3 Battery also comes with 15 seconds blinkers! 

Pass-through Charging: DubCharge V3 Battery died? No worries, with our pass through charging never miss a hit! Just plug in a USB-C or Lightning Port cable! 

Temp Control: The DubCharge V3 Battery has 4 distinct temps you can choose from. (2.5V, 3.0V, 3.5V, and 4.0V). 

Battery Indicator: DubCharge V3 Battery will display three lights indicating the battery life. Green (100%-50%) Yellow (50%-25%) Red (25%-0%). The DubCharge V3 Battery has a 900 mAh battery, lasting up to 21 days, you and your friends can enjoy a relaxing time without worrying about a dead battery.

Auto Shut-Off: Keep wasting battery life? Worry no more! The DubCharge V3 Battery has a 15 minute auto shut-off feature! 

*Please do not attempt to charge device with multiple chargers!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jake Dallas
Best battery I’ve ever owned.

Let’s start off by saying the durability of it is worth the price alone. Ive had mine for 1.5 years now and it’s been through the wringer but still has perfect battery life and works like the day I got it. I’ve dropped it in the bathtub accidentally a few time now and after letting it dry didn't have any issues. Wish the top was fixed with a better glue as it came apart easily in my pocket.


Came super fast, works incredible. I've bought 2 other batteries and they're the best I own.

Best battery I’ve ever had

Usually see stuff on tiktok and scroll past but the lightning port battery just lured me in, usually batteries from theses types of companies last like 2 weeks and then quit completely. I’ve had this battery 3 months to the day and it works like the day I got it. You can literally charge it with any phone cable and it lasts for ever like an entire gram cartridge before it gets weak. Crazy. Recommend completely

stephanie m
Owned V2 and V3

Ive owned both the v2 and v3 versions of these batteries. Super convenient auto shut-off, and the best part being the dual charging. My only complaint is on both batteries the button is a tiny bit noisy but everything else is perfect. Recommend!

Jordan Carrasco
Great Purchase!!

Best battery out there I see I love to see this business skyrocket on how good of a business they are I like you can customize it and overall a good battery favorite one is green love the color


For you and your significant other!

His and hers includes one pink and white battery.

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