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Pink 510 Thread Vaporizer Battery - 1100mAh | High-Capacity Battery for Cartridges and Devices

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510 Thread Vaporizer Battery - 1100mAh DubCharge V3 | Cart Batteries, Batteries - Pink

The DubCharge V3 is a powerful and feature-rich 510 thread battery. This device has dual-port charging, sesh mode, pass-through charging, and temp control. With a 1100 mAh battery, this device will last all day!


Dual-port Charging: The DubCharge V3 Battery can be charged by a USB-C or a lightning port cable! We recommend to not to use more than one charger at a time! 

Sesh Mode: With 15 seconds pre-heat mode, you can ensure a smooth and consistent pull each time. To activate pre-heat mode all you need to do is double click the battery! The DubCharge V3 Battery also comes with 15 seconds blinkers! 

Pass-through Charging: DubCharge V3 Battery died? No worries, with our pass through charging never miss a hit! Just plug in a USB-C or Lightning Port cable! 

Temp Control: The DubCharge V3 Battery has 4 distinct temps you can choose from. (2.5V, 3.0V, 3.5V, and 4.0V). 

Battery Indicator: DubCharge V3 Battery will display three lights indicating the battery life. Green (100%-50%) Yellow (50%-25%) Red (25%-0%) The DubCharge V3 Battery has a 1100 mAh battery, lasting up to 30 days, you and your friends can enjoy a relaxing time without worrying about a dead battery. 

Auto Shut-Off: Keep wasting battery life? Worry no more! The DubCharge V3 Battery has a 15 minute auto shut-off feature! 

*Please do not attempt to charge device with multiple chargers!

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